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The Iron Snail

The Special Edition Mammoth

The Special Edition Mammoth

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Everyone needs an heirloom woolen jacket. A jacket that can be proudly passed down through generations: a makeshift blanket, a cape, a cold weather companion. The goal of "The Mammoth" is simple: to be, and remain, unstoppable, to live up to its own name, and to be the de facto best woolen jacket on the market. 

This is 'The Special Edition Mammoth.'

Made from Herdwick sheep's wool, this cloth is woven by the legendary Sam Goates, owner of 'Woven in The Bone.' 'Woven in The Bone' is a Scottish mill based in a boat shed in Buckie, Scotland. There, Sam, along with her two sisters, weave wool by foot, on old cast iron foot-treadle looms. A full video of her process can be found here. This particular cloth is woven solely for 'The Iron Snail Clothing Company' and will not be made again. This run is limited to 10 pieces.

Beyond Sam's cloth, 'The Special Edition Mammoth' features a merino twill lining from a 185-year-old British mill, horn buttons, 12oz canvas reinforcements, and updated 100% Merino interlock storm cuffs. Far more information can be found below.

Note: 'The Standard Edition Mammoth' pricing has not and will not increase for the foreseeable future. 'The Special Edition Mammoth's' pricing is due to the level and rarity of the materials being used.

Click here to see how we measure a jacket.

*Pictures are of the production sample, the buttons will be on the opposite side of the jacket.

*This is a pre-order. The estimated ship-by date is September 1st, 2024.

Michael is 5'9" and 150lbs, wearing a size Medium. He could also wear a size small for a sleeker look and be comfortable. The medium allows heavy layering.


  • ~18-oz./LY outer (400gsm)
  • ~12.3-oz./LY Merino twill lining (275gsm)
  • Solid brass snap action clip
  • Wind Wall Technology
  • 100% Merino interlock storm cuffs
  • Genuine Horn Buttons
  • Locking Collar
  • 12oz canvas reinforcements
  • Made in USA with English & Scottish Fabrics


Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large XXL
Body Length 26" 26.5" 26.5" 27" 28" 28"
Pit to Pit 19.5" 20.5" 21.5" 22.5" 24" 25"
Shoulder to Shoulder 16" 16.5" 17" 17.5" 18.5" 19"
Sleeve Length 24" 24.5" 25" 25.75" 26.25" 27"
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The Tale of The Mammoth

The Tale of The Mammoth is the first part of "The Lore Series". "The Lore Series" covers the lore of The Iron Snail far before The Prologue and Chapter Series began. Tales of the mightiest creatures in all universes will reside here, a necessary backstory to understand all of the Snail's powers.

The purchase of a Mammoth will also include:
A booklet of the tale (with blank pages to be used as a notebook) and a Mammoth patch.

Woven in The Bone Wool

"The Special Edition Mammoth" is crafted from double-layered (front pockets & Wind Wall) 18-oz./LY Herdwick sheep's wool. This fabric was woven by Sam Goates at "Woven in The Bone" by foot. By foot?! Yes, by foot.

We've done a full video on Sam Goates and "Woven in The Bone" but in short, this is some of the most exclusive wool cloth in the world. It's woven in a small fishing shed in Buckie, Scotland on a large cast iron contraption that smacks the shuttle around like a rag doll. It's an incredibly slow process done by Sam and her sisters.

Herdwick Sheep

Herdwick are a real brute of a sheep; they are known to survive up to three days buried under snow by eating their own wool. Herdwick are known as “fell sheep” a.k.a. sheep that live in a high and barren landscape. We feel confident bestowing them with the nickname, “little tanks with legs”. ‘Fells,’ for those of us not in the U.K.-ish area, are mountains or very big hills. As customary with mountains or ‘very big hills’ they have extremely harsh weather conditions that the fell sheep are exposed to (they are standing on them after all). Here is a Wikipedia description:

The slowly maturing breed is one of the most hardy of all the British hill sheep breeds, withstanding the cold and relentless rain of the Lake District at heights upwards of 3,000 feet (about 1,000 meters). Most Herdwicks spend winter on the fells, from approximately December to April.

Shepherds often say that after a storm, the Herdwicks are the first to dry.

This wool is no joke. It's coarse, incredibly strong, beautiful, and a bit mean. So we had to pair it with quite a lining.

A 185-Year-Old Lining

Touching your skin is a merino twill woven in England by a 185-year-old mill. We increased the weight of the lining on 'The Special Edition Mammoth' in order to keep The Mammoth's reputation as the mightiest of winter fighters.

Note: 'The Standard Edition Mammoth' is a heavier jacket overall and has a tighter weave. 'The Special Edition Mammoth' easily sheds wind and rain and is very warm as well, of course.

What are the benefits of a wool lining? Well, by not working with other fibers, we can modify the traditional layout of a woolen jacket to keep it sleek, yet extra warm (more on that later), while also ensuring it can be comfortably worn with just a t-shirt. 

The Merino wool fiber used in the lining is much finer than Herdwick. Besides being softer against the skin, finer wools allow more air to be trapped in the yarns. This means that the liner, kept safe by the Herdwick outer, outperforms your average wool in terms of warmth-to-weight ratio.

No kidding!

Ah, 'Wind Wall Technology', something we're quite proud of!

As mentioned earlier, we've chosen to craft this jacket entirely from 100% wool, giving us the flexibility to rearrange the typical layout (layers) of a wool jacket. Let us elaborate.

We've meticulously placed the jacket's lining between the main body fabric and an interior chest and back plate made of wool. We gushingly refer to this as 'Wind Wall Technology.'

The outermost layer of wool shields against the elements, the lining further stops the wind, and the interior wool plates (crafted from the outer fabric) act as unencumbered insulation. You could think of 'Wind Wall Technology' as an additional woolen blanket inside your jacket.

Imagine an internal cape coat with an extra layer of warmth in between.

The Mighty Storm Cuff

Hidden inside of the sleeves are storm cuffs.

Made from 100% Merino wool, these heavyweight interlock knitted cuffs grip your wrists and create a gentle seal around them. We've tightened these cuffs considerably on 'The Special Edition Mammoth' to ensure that your arms are protected from wind, rain, and snow.

The Handy Action Clip

North of the storm cuffs and tucked into the left pocket is an action clip—a brass clip that allows you to hang your gloves, mittens, whistles, keys, or whatever else you may have from your jacket while you focus on other matters (like fending off all the compliments on your jacket). On the top left corner of the clip is an extra drilled hole meant for a keyring, so you can add any accessory you wish.

We've included the action clip with exploration in mind, but we're eager to see what you decide to snap on. 

We're particularly fond of those tiny jean keychains that you can get from many Japanese denim manufacturers.

On a more serious note, a neon orange whistle will probably come in handy one day if you're an explorer.

The Locking Collar

Even further north of your action clip is the collar. A collar, of course, is something to be expected on any jacket and may not seem special at first. 

However, upon further inspection, this one is. Built to either lay flat or be popped up to protect the wearer's neck from the elements, the collar comes with an extra horn button sewn on in order to fasten it closed when in stormy weather. These same horn buttons are sewn throughout the jacket, securing pockets and the main placket.

Toss on a hat of any sort and along with the locked collar, you can walk around with a covered and warm face, even sans scarf.

The Real Horn

Often used in fine suiting, we've opted to use genuine horn buttons on 'The Special Edition Mammoth'. These buttons are made in England (we thought it'd be fun to match the lining with the origin).

From the manufacturer:

Real horn (typically from either water buffalo or ox) is a by-product of the farming industry, particularly in India and livestock is not reared specifically for their horn. Moreover, the cattle are raised by numerous small, subsistence farmers and the money they receive for their horn is a vital and additional source of income. Without it, many rural farmers would simply abandon their vocation.

Horn is, of course, a natural material and thus, no two buttons are the same. Each will have their own patterns and color varations.

The Reinforcements

Due to the nature of the cloth from 'Woven in the Bone,' we've lined the pocket flaps and inner cuff (surrounding the storm cuff) in a 12oz duck canvas made in South Carolina. The canvas layer helps button and unbutton the pockets, the cuff lining holds the storm cuff a bit better, etcetera.

The inner lining pockets are also fully canvas lined so you can carelessly drop your sharp keys in them without fear of poking through wool.

Very small improvements that I hope you won’t notice for at least 25 years. 

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