"The Tale"

The Tale

Dear Reader,

Perhaps you've noticed the phrase "The Tale of" everywhere and wondered to yourself, "What on Earth does that even mean?". Well, to put it simply, we here at The Iron Snail love fantastic* stories and figured, why can't we do that? And so we did. 

Running through the "The Iron Snail" clothing brand is a story, a tale, if you will. The Tale of The Iron Snail is the grandest of them all, it's a story like no other, with no rivals...and if another clothing brand decides to write a multi-part story that comes with each and every garment they produce, then we shall battle to the death, and win. 

To put it all very simply -- "The Tale of The Iron Snail" features a tiny snail, no larger than a quarter, with a glowing blue shell. The snail has been around well before the Earth and, in fact, is the reason grass is green and the sky is not.

We'll be following our little friend throughout eternity but, in order to keep things organized, we've organized. Here is the current state of the tale as it rests. 

The Prologue & Chapter Series

Only the Prologue has been released so far but next on the docket is "Chapter 1" and so on... We'll be following the snail's journey starting at the "Hoxie House" and then onwards from there. Currently, there is no accurate estimate of how long this story will be, perhaps it's only 5 chapters, perhaps it's 600; only time will tell. Eventually this phase of the tale shall end and it shall be named "Book One". After that, we'd assume we'll begin on "Book Two".

The Lore Series

"The Lore Series" is precisely what it sounds like, the lore of the snail. "The Prologue" begins far, far after the snail does and so, there is a lot of backstory to catch up on. This series begins with "The Mammoth" and has no end in sight. We may, one day, consolidate this into some sort of compendium, but who is to say.

Okay, that's it. You're caught up.

*By the way, by "fantastic", we mean, based in fantasy. We'd never call ourselves fantastic, that's obtuse.