The Heirloom Recipe.

Okay, so, there are some freaks out there...

There are some people in the world that will wear their denim into absolute oblivion. Every day, every season, every temperature, everywhere. Those people will eventually win the battle and successfully destroy this jacket after many many years. We all aspire to be those people.

However, if you toss this jacket on whenever you need it, whether that be a cool summer's night, early fall, or mid to late spring, it'll only continue to get more beautiful before you pass it down to the next proud owner.

Bonfires, first dates, last dates, college parties, board room meetings, whatever, will all eventually be shown on the jacket. A few of my friends in college signed the sleeve of one of mine and I love it. There are fades on the elbows from me having a desk job that I hated for two years, but, there is also a seatbelt fade across the jacket from driving for hours and hours every weekend to go see my girlfriend, Taylor. 

Anyways, the recipe. 

1. Denim Weight

"HeAvIEr iS BeTtER!" All the denim nerds scream as they walk with their denim leg casts and straight jackets. Don't get us wrong, we love heavy denim and the Snail will most likely be doing some heavier weight denim eventually doesn't fit in the recipe. Why?

Denim that is that heavy tends to only appeal to a certain crowd of people. Is your partner really going to steal your jacket before they go out if it's 21oz? If you pass the jacket down, is your child going to want a super stiff jacket that drapes like a rug instead of a regular piece of clothing? Maybe, but we can't be sure.

14.5oz is the denim weight we believe strikes that balance, the golden ratio between toughness and comfort. Don't get me wrong though, you'll know right away that you have a special fabric in your hands. 

2. Fit

Imagine your grandchild pulling out your 2% spandex skin tight skinny jeans from 2010. You aren't there to explain that that was cool. They are just holding your pants, drenched in Axe body spray, as your Motorola Razor falls out of your back pocket, they're stunned. "What was wrong with my grandparent?" they scream to deaf ears.

The Prologue Jacket is meant to be universal. Not super cropped, not super long, just right.

It's built to fit true-to-size, while giving you enough room to move comfortably and layer. A lot of care went into making sure that the jacket has it's own form, it's own flattering silhouette. It shouldn't "stick" to your body, squeeze your back, or limit your motion. 

The silhouette is timeless and the jacket is built to show it off.

3. Materials

Of course, the easiest part of all this, premium materials. Obviously this comes standard with an heirloom quality piece, otherwise it wouldn't be called one. 

We use the best denim in the world, the best buttons in the world, the best threads, and of course the best manufactures. 

Japanese denim is the perfect balance between function and beauty, YKK treats all their buttons and zippers as if they were gold deblumes, poly-cotton threads make sure the jacket stays together for it's entire life, and talented sewers and pattern makers make sure every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.

We don't want to be that guy that's like "BLAH BLAH BLAH THINGS AREN'T MADE WELL ANYMORE AND QUALITY IS NON-EXISTENT!!" because that's not true. You just have to know where to find them.

4. Artistry

This isn't a blurb. This is a secret teaser for people that made it this far. We are working on another version of the Prologue Jacket, behind the scenes.

Codename: Masterpiece.

Mix it all together and you get an heirloom piece, folded up nice and neat, ready to go.