Our Goal

Every Piece an Heirloom

The true goal of The Iron Snail…is to be the best clothing brand on the planet. Many would consider that to be a lofty, impossible goal, and by definition, being “the best clothing brand on the planet” is a rather nonsensical phrase. So let us explain in less broad terms. The Iron Snail is a true "heirloom brand", meaning every piece coming out of "The Iron Snail" strives to be of heirloom quality.

What does it mean for something to be "heirloom"?

"Heirloom" refers to anything you pass down through generations, so "heirloom quality" can be considered a mindset, rather than a set of fixed rules. For example, something like a t-shirt may technically be an heirloom item if you pass it down to your children, but most heirloom items are those that are made to last through the generations. Some heirloom pieces will require great care and attention, while others are meant to be worn or used to the fullest.

All apparel built and sold by "The Iron Snail" strives to be of the most supreme quality, from the finest materials to the strongest or most appropriate sewing techniques, to the most timeless designs. This doesn't mean we're afraid to innovate, it simply means we'll never forget what makes a piece special. In this way, the goal of "The Iron Snail" is to present a collection of beautiful and durable items of apparel that you'll be proud to own, forever.

  • Optimization & Sustainability

    Iron Snail HQ is rather obsessive with materials and technologies, so it’s only fitting that we implement them everywhere we can in our production workflow. We’re constantly working on shortening the shipping journey our products take, finding more sustainable packaging methods, and making sure the materials that go into our products are sourced responsibly.

  • A Product First Approach

    There seems to be a slow cultural shift towards higher-quality garments and products. We love that and want to lead the charge. We’ll source what exists, develop what doesn’t, and provide you with a detailed description of every single decision we made. Every material has pros and cons, intended uses, and added benefits, and we’ll explain our reasoning behind every fiber, stitch, rivet, joint, and what have you. Every product in The Iron Snail shop is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality, and built with intention. 

  • Our Pricing Philosophy

    A lot of our favorite brands are cutting costs and raising prices. As much as we love money, we just can’t bring ourselves to do that. We’re quite a young company, but right now, after crunching the numbers, and crunching them again…we can use the highest quality manufacturers and the highest quality materials while keeping the price lower than what a lot of other brands are charging. We’ll see if we’re wrong in a few years.

Our Team

Michael Kristy

Mr. Kristy is the founder of The Iron Snail. He enjoys touching fabrics, telling people his jeans are going to look awesome in 10 years, designing clothes, staring off into space for long periods of time, and telling people that his jeans are going to look awesome in 10 years. Although he is currently building a clothing company, he actually still believes that one day he will be a famous rockstar. His hobbies include improv comedy, trying to get a stable exercise routine, and learning guitar.

Taylor Hale

Ms. Hale is a rockstar. She’s an organizer extraordinaire of all things Snail but prefers that Michael write her bio. She manages shipping, returns, website development, and a billion other things, every day. Her hobbies include: having a stable exercise routine, learning Morse code, interior design, plants, yoga, board games, tea, Frasier, this weird pillow that doesn’t squish her face when she sleeps, traveling the world, cooking amazing food, and being with family. We like her.

Behind the Name

Why are we called "The Iron Snail"?

One day, Taylor showed Michael a website about the deep sea. As you scroll down, you can see creatures that live at varying depths of the ocean. The deepest, darkest regions of the ocean are home to a sparse group of sea creatures that are weird, creepy, and at the very least, frightening.

On a virtual trip to the bottom of the ocean many years ago, Michael, wearing SCUBA grade goggles and a massive oxygen tank, scrolled past a rather small creature with a very weird quirk: it covers itself in iron for protection. This creature was, of course, the scaly-foot gastropod…The Iron Snail. How peculiar! 

The Iron Snail clothing brand was born from the mystery around this little snail, its durability in the face of harsh environments, and all the secrets that it holds.

Where Wonder and Reliability Live

Michael grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He loves walking through trails in the woods, having bonfires at night with friends on the beach, and helping his dad (a fisherman) work on his boat. New England means a lot to The Iron Snail, we hope to capture the spirit of the outdoors you can only experience in New England.

Cozy days where it's raining in early fall and spring, the middle of winter, coming home to a warm house with family and friends sitting around a fire, are magical. We want everything The Iron Snail creates to fit right into that pocket of magic and timelessness, from whimsical stories to quality clothing construction.

Need to contact us?

We'd love to hear from you. Email us as inquiries@theironsnail.us.