Are the NEW Croc Work Boots Worth the Hype?

Are the NEW Croc Work Boots Worth the Hype?

How do they compare to other work boots, like the XTRATUFs?

Remember when nobody liked Crocs? Look at them now… not only have regular Crocs made a comeback, but the limited edition Huckberry X Crocs Classic Western work boot collaboration just dropped and the internet has gone crazy. 

So, are they worth the hype (or the $75 price tag)? Are Croc boots waterproof? Are they durable? Will you slip in them? What is “Croc Lock” and why is it important?  We’ve tested them out for you and compared them to the $105 XTRATUF work boots.


Table of contents

  1. Croc Boot Construction
  2. Croc Boot Fit
  3. Croc Boot Comfort
  4. Croc Boot Durability
  5. Croc Boot Slip resistance
  6. What is “Croc Lock”?


How are Croc Boots Constructed?

Crocs are made of unlined, 100% EVA plastic that is injection molded, but these boots are painted to appear more leathery and have a more natural appearance. The plastic that Crocs are made of is similar to neoprene (the lining in XTRATUF boots) in that it is a plastic that has a lot of air bubbles throughout, making it foamy and lightweight.

More importantly, the classic croc holes on the top of the boot let you add on “jibbitz”, accessories that you can add and carry on the side of the boots. For this limited edition boot you can store a 1oz container of liquid, a pocket knife, a carabiner, and a little piece of rope.



How does this compare to XTRATUF Boots?

The XTRATUF 6-inch Deck Boots use a slightly heavier rubber for their outer layer and are lined with neoprene, which helps wick away moisture if your feet are sweating, and also keep your feet a little dryer if the boots start leaking (which we’ll talk more about later). Neoprene is also a nice insulator, meaning your feet will be a little warmer on cold days and a little cooler on warm days.



How do Croc Boots fit?

Croc Boots have quite a wide fit, and would be great for someone with wide feet. For others, they will be quite spacious on the interior. While these won’t be very breathable, this might make them slightly more so than a tighter fitting boot, but we’ll talk about that more later.

Do Croc Boots fit better than XTRATUF Boots?

The XTRATUF Deck Boots are dramatically slimmer than the Croc Boots, though they do have a wider version of their boots (The Wheelhouse). The XTRATUFs also hug your ankles more, which makes them feel like a lace-up boot or a well-fitting sneaker. These probably will offer more support in general than the Croc boots for this reason.


Are Croc Boots Comfortable?

These boots are very comfortable, especially when walking on uneven terrain. They’re foamy ,soft, and very lightweight at 10.6oz (not including any jibbitz you add on to them). One of our viewers said “these boots are like walking on firm marshmallows all day” and we couldn’t agree more.

As with any waterproof boot, these are not breathable which does hurt their comfort factor, but if you work in environments where you really need to keep your feet dry (or just enjoy long walks in the rain), this is the type of boot for you.


Are Croc boots more comfortable than XTRATUF boots?

While the The XTRATUF boots are much more supportive than the Croc boots, they are less comfortable when walking around. They are slightly heavier as well, at 1.02lbs.

While these are not much more breathable than the Croc boots, as mentioned before, the neoprene lining helps with insulation properties, keeping your feet cooler in hot weather – which could add a lot to your overall comfort throughout the day. 

Are Croc Boots Durable?

Newer crocs in general break down a bit more easily than the original crocs that were produced back in the day. They also don’t have the “redundancy”, meaning, there isn’t any lining to act as a backup and keep the elements out if they do get a hole in them (unlike XTRATUF’s neoprene lining). But, thanks to their injection mold construction, they mostly tend to get worn down, rather than split or crack, like the XTRATUFs.

Crocs will also shrink a size or two if left out in the sun for a very long time, so keep them in a shady place!

Are Croc boots more durable than XTRATUF Boots?

The recent models of XTRATUF boots have also suffered from poorer quality and after moving their manufacturing to China. The company claims that these quality issues have been resolved, however, and they are reportedly tougher now than they ever were.

Regardless, XTRATUF boots tend to crack and split when they get older rather than get worn down like the crocs. Meaning, if you work in or around water, your feet could end up getting wet sooner than you might expect for a work boot at this price.

As we mentioned earlier, the neoprene lining of these boots offer “redundancy” for if they do split or crack and water starts to come through the outer layer of rubber. But, you’d likely need to replace the boots soon after a split or crack appeared.


Will you slip in Croc Boots, and what is “Croc Lock”?

Some Crocs have “Croc Lock”, which is a rubberized sole that provides a very high SRC-Rated slip resistance. Regular Croc soles don’t have this certification, and the Croc Classic Western Boots also don’t have “crock lock” soles. However, we tested them out on slippery rocks in a river and they performed better than we expected.


Are Croc boots more slip resistant than XTRATUF Boots?

Without Croc Lock, the XTRATUF boots are more slip resistant than Crocs – they are rated with a very high amount of slip resistance. 


The Takeaway

The construction of Croc Boots helps them to avoid cracking and splitting, but they don’t have the neoprene lining that the XTRATUF boots have to help wick away moisture. Croc boots are also a wider and roomier fit than XTRATUF boots, so while they offer less ankle support, they might be a great option for people with very wide feet.

The Croc boots have the regular rubber Croc soles, making them less slip resistant than XTRATUF boots. When we tested them, however, we were pleasantly surprised by their slip resistance when walking on wet rocks. Overall, we recommend these boots for more casual activities that require waterproof, comfortable footwear. 



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