Why Spend So Much Time On A Lining? (Email #1)

Why Spend So Much Time On A Lining? (Email #1)


Hello everyone, it’s Michael.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday evening and that you’re ready for a lovely week. I had to get my car inspected yesterday and found out that it’s essentially a miracle that I’m alive and my car didn’t explode while I was driving (just kidding, but I do have a memorable transmission leak). So let us hope PepBoys has this one covered. That's my week.

Anyway, welcome to the official Iron Snail newsletter (#1!). I’ll keep this brief and try to send one once a week, so you know what is going on at Iron Snail HQ. We’ve been VERY busy.

Linings, linings, and more linings.

Little fibers that are spun into yarns are the essence of all things clothing. There are limitless things you can change here: fiber type, spinning, dying, treating, etc. You’ll get VASTLY different outcomes in terms of strength of the fabric, abrasion resistance, look, and who knows what else. 

I think everyone reading this is in some way, shape, or form: a fan of denim. Our little buddy, cotton, has been involved since day one; but I think his days might be limited (on a very large scale). I’m probably wrong, but there is one natural fiber that is running to take its place. 

It’s DRAMATICALLY stronger, DRAMATICALLY more abrasion resistant, DRAMATICALLY more tear-resistant, and wonderful for the environment (fun fact: it used to be mandatorily grown on US farms). It’s also getting cheaper day by day. I don’t want to give it away yet, but I’m assuming you know what it is…I made an entire video about it.  I guess that technically gives it away but whatever.

Anyways, a scientist named Zach, who is also a fabric nerd and all-around fantastic guy, did some testing of this fiber’s strength and frankly, the results are astounding. I’ll publish a blog post soon showing his findings but the long and short of it is: we can use a far lighter weight fabric and still have it be dramatically stronger than if we used cotton at a heavier weight.

I’m planning a few larger scale projects with this fiber now, but it’ll make a little appearance on our next release. I THINK we may be the first brand to do what we’re doing…but maybe not. A lot of brands are doing a lot of things.

Oh, and here is a nice little cotton fabric that’s making its debut on the Prologue. You’ll almost never see it, but your hands will feel it!

Coming Soon

It’s denim time, baby! I’ll hopefully have some things on the site to show you in the next coming weeks (aiming for the end of May/beginning of June). What will it be? The Prologue will make its thunderous return, but that’s not all. “Chapter 1” (jeans) is currently getting ready for its big debut, as is an entirely new line. 

The name of that new line is: “Leaf Line”. Far more information to come once I have some pictures to show you. 

Talk soon!
- Michael

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